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165 Chemin de Calumet Ouest
Clarendon, QC, J0X 2Y0


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Website Redesign!

Jennifer Dale

Hi there - Emma here!

Some may know me as Scott and Jen's daughter who is away at college in Business Administration. 

This website redesign was greatly needed for us - We had the wonderful Casey Snyder do the original design last year. Fortunately for us, a lot has changed in a year, as my mom has mentioned in a previous post. Unfortunately for the website, that meant that all of the information (and I mean all of it) was outdated and incorrect. No, we are no longer #coming2017, but we are here, in 2018! We have this beautiful new building, labelling and finished products. Why shouldn't we show them off! We've worked for 7-ish long years to get to this point. (My mom is probably not pleased with my boasting - But its true and I'm proud of my parents!)  

Now, the perfect opportunity seemed to have arose with the introduction of a project for my Marketing Research class to help out my parents with the winery. Myself along with 4 other girls decided to do some sort of a marketing analysis... and here we are! With a new website, email marketing, new awesome pictures (by the awesome Cindy Lottes) representing us, and hopefully a 100%? :) 

We really hope that you enjoy the new website, pictures, and super hope that you've signed up for our new and improved newsletter! (If you haven't, you can go to the contact us page and sign up - Trust me, lots of awesome content coming your way and if for no other reason... Help a girl out get some brownie points!!) 

Stay tuned for other updates from myself and my parents - We're going to have a busy first season and hope that you'll all stick around for the ride!