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165 Chemin de Calumet Ouest
Clarendon, QC, J0X 2Y0


FAQ eng

Want to learn more about the Ottawa Valley’s very own Little Red Wagon Winery? Our FAQ list includes the story of the little red wagon, what kind of grapes we have, if we have a sommelier and much more! We also include information about Pontiac County’s other tourism events.


Why Little Red Wagon?

We are passionate about being family oriented in all that we do.  In the beginning Jen travelled to the field with 3-year-old Sam in tow, and a little red wagon filled with what was soon to be sprawling vines.  We planted, often joined by family and friends, and as seasons turned to years, the wagon and fun times remained.  We recognized early that we cherished these times, filled with simple joys and wonderful people. The wagon came to symbolize this feeling... and our name was born! 


Do grapes actually survive here, in this climate?

All our grapes are Nordic varieties originating from Minnesota, hardy to -40 degree weather.  They serve us well and are very prolific producers.  Our varieties include Frontenac Noir, Blanc and Gris, Louise Swenson, Marquette and Petit Perle.  


What types of wine will you sell?

We will offer reds, whites and rosé.

The reds are from Frontenac, Marquette and Petit Perle.  They are earthy, with notes of black cherry, prune, spice, blackberry and sometimes violet, and aromas of pepper and cedar.

The whites are from Frontenac and Louise Swenson.  They are crisp, with hints of apple and aroma of peach, tropical fruit and fine florals.

Rosés are made from the Frontenac grapes, with apricot and orange skin aromas.  Refreshing serve chilled on a hot summer’s day!



Is there a sommelier on site?

We are farmers first, who just happen to enjoy wine!  While we continually strive to educate ourselves, and improve techniques and products, we achieve our wines supported extensively by our very talented teachers and winemakers at Rj Oeneology.


Are there other vineyards in the area?

Yes!  In fact, there are quite a few.  Many are beginning, just like us, but there are several wineries open for business in the region including Lavender Ridge, Clos-Baillie and Domaine de Pontiac Village, in addition to Coronation Hall Cider Mill.  Our collective dream is to have a wine route to serve you even better!


What else is there to do while visiting the area?


Minutes away in Shawville there’s are restaurants, shops, boutiques and gallery spaces to peruse. See SHAWVILLE info here.

Events take place all over the Pontiac, throughout the year. If you time it right, your visit could coincide!  See TOURISM info here.